Kamila Drago

Born in the city of Baku, Azerbaijan, Kamila is the daughter of a Jewish mother and Muslim father. She grew up in a family of prominent musicians, deeply rooted in the Jewish heritage music of Azerbaijan. She was trained as a classical pianist from the age of 5 and during her childhood she won awards in International piano competitions throughout the USSR.
At the age of 13 Kamila immigrated to Israel with her mother, and since then her motivation and dream has been to create a fusion between the two worlds. The world of her ancestors and her new homeland.

Following her obligational military service in Israel, Kamila went ahead to study acting in the leading Drama Academy in Israel, Nissan Native, where in present day she is a member of faculty. Parallel to her career in theater, Kamila composed and performed her original music with her band throughout Israel, Europe, Asia and the US.

Her dream of reconciliation through music was realized in 2012, when she first returned to Azerbaijan. After not seeing her father and family for 23 years, Kamila recorded her Album with them.
This long awaited Album, written and composed by Kamila, will be released this upcoming July. A rare co-production consisting of a dozen musicians from Israel and Azerbaijan, bringing together her past and the present.

Alongside her musical career, Kamila teaches singing and composition in various boarding schools throughout Israel, for challenged youth.